About Mobile Game Graphics

It all started in the year of 2014. One guy was determined to create a game of his own. Programing skills and development were there so he start coding away. It didn’t take long before he realized how difficult his quest would be, in finding assets that would fit his game – a platform game. To create game assets of his own was not an option, as he could barely draw a straight stickman with his shaky hands. Finding game assets that would co-exist nicely was not that easy. He traveled through infinite paths of this world called – the Internet and visited many different establishments trying to find what he was looking for. Months later he still couldn’t find the pixelated graphics he needed to complete his story.

Our concept is to create greatly designed game assets that contain everything needed to complete your game and share your story. Our wide range of game assets include extremely beautiful themes, backgrounds, 8-bit art, sprites, graphics, pixel art, animated characters, and much more.

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