I want to create games – How do I get started?

Excited? Of course you are 🙂 game creation is one of the most fun things you can do and it can be very rewarding! You join a supporting community with thousands of game creators just like you. Now, take a deep breath and read through this quick guide which is intended for those want to join in on the fun, creating your own game and share your story to the world. All common questions are answered here and you will get a nice guide to get you started.


STEP1 – Identify yourself

The first thing you should do, is to find your identity as a game creator. There are 3 different types of indie game developers/creators.


Game Builder

A game builder is using his favourite game builder software to create games. It requires absolutely no knowledge of codes and you can create simple games by simply inserting graphic assets (characters, backgrounds, tiles, etc.)

All game builder software contain advanced features which allow you to create custom features by using code or drag & drop logical commands. (we’ll get to that later)


Game developer

Development is often understood as something complex and that you need a computer scientist degree to understand it. That is definitely not the case, so do not overlook the possibilities of becoming a great game developer. With so many tutorials and positive guidance from the indie development community, you will quickly discover if development is something for you or not.

Becoming a game developer has great benefits, although it’s not the fastest way to create a game, you have the greatest flexibility and can create fantastic games by coding, tweaking your way to the dream game you’ve been looking for.


A mix of both worlds

Yes, that world exists. All the game builder software offer the possibility for you to further develop and tweak your game by either using simple drag and drop logic or use their programming language to adjust, modify and add features to your game.


STEP2 – Choose Wisely

Before you decide which tool to use to build your game, you should now explore the features and differences between them.

One important thing to consider is the amount of support you get from the various game builders, it’s forums and communities, and the amount of tutorials available.

We will not state which ones we think you should choose as it should simply be something you feel most comfortable in working with.

Visit each game builder site and look at their forums, tutorials, tools and asset stores. An asset store is where you can download and use different assets such as characters, sounds, sprites, tiles etc. to integrate in your game.

All our themes can be used and integrated with these game builders, so make sure to check our library as well. (www.mobilegamegraphics.com)

We hope this tutorial has been helpful and able to set you on your course to creating the game you’ve always wanted.


Great Links

We’ve listed some great links & videos we think you should watch

4 Videos from Unity for beginners.

Our Tool page



Game Maker Tutorials

Unity Tutorials

Stencyl Tutorials

Construct 2 Tutorials


Games made with:

Game Maker



Construct 2





STEP3 – ACTION! Get Started

If we managed to confuse you, or you still don’t know how to get started, don’t worry! We have created a step by step guidance that we think will work very well for you and you should be able to choose your own path towards creating your first game.


I have my own game idea

That’s great! Now, put that aside for a moment. To better understand the different tools and coding languages you need to try them out first. You can only do that if you try building a very quick and very simple game level with them, and you will discover just how simple and fun it is creating your first game level. Once you have picked your tool, you can start working on the game you’ve been waiting for so long to create.

We have listed the most popular game builders and languages below, together with some great tutorials. We will help all the way, don’t worry 🙂

The game builders are free or on a Trial and going through this will demand a bit of dedication and a pinch of patience. We have tried to get you started with the tools we think are the easiest, so stick to this order if you want.

All game builders come with a few graphical assets to create a simple level of a 2d Platformer or the tutorials will provide download links, but if you prefer, you can download our free assets pack from HERE.

NO more talk. Let´s get to it already 🙂