Vehicle Graphics Vector Game Kit – Vector Game Assets With Car Sprites

/Vehicle Graphics Vector Game Kit – Vector Game Assets With Car Sprites
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Vehicle Graphics Vector Game Kit – Vector Game Assets With Car Sprites

$59.00 $9.00

Car Sprites 2D Animated Game Assets KIT – Vector | Complete Pack!

Car Sprites game asset pack for game developers. This game kit has backgrounds, cars, gui, vfx, tiles and more!

Car Sprites complete package to create any types of 2D mobile or web games. This vector based game asset kit, contain car sprites, backgrounds, tiles, GUI, VFX and basically everything you need to develop and create your favourite racing game. This complete pack is delivered with all the popular file types, such as Adobe Illustrator AI, PNG, PSD and even animation project files from SPINE. Click our product image to see included items in this pack, you’ll get when you purchase this game kit. Characters has been exported into animated sequences – sprites such as Engine Start, Run and Turbo. Perfect for endless game. So what are you waiting for? Create your own racing game with these awesome car sprites.

Spine AnimationPSD Layered Files PNG Layers AI Vector FilesGIF Animation


1.118 Game Assets Included in this pack!

10 Animated Car Sprites
19 Parallax and Stackable Game Backgrounds
23 Game Projectiles (Traps, Power Ups, etc..)
10 Animated Visual Effects (Turbo, Hit, etc..)
56 Game Pick Up (Coins, Stars, etc..)
66 Game Objects and Decors (Trees, Bushes, etc..)
932 Game User Interface Assets (Gameplay screens, General icons/buttons, etc..)

And more… Scroll Down for Detailed Product Info

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Product Description

Vehicle / Cars Graphics Vector Game Kit | Car Sprites – Create your turbo game now with this complete vector game assets game pack!

As a fellow game developer, I want to focus on developing and building games, while having some really nice graphics! This Game Assets Kit with Car Sprites includes EVERY aspect of graphics you need, like:

Parallax game background, tileset, animated car sprites, weapons, objects, pick ups, VFX’s and so much more. Scroll down below to see additional details about what’s included and click on the product images. Important to note is that these asset are also delivered in Adobe Illustrator aka. AI files so you will be able to resize them into any size you like and match it for your car sprites game build!

We also deliver the SPINE project files with all car sprites so you can very easily create your own custom animated car sprites using the same software we used, called SPINE.

Items included in this pack: 

10 Animated Cartoon Car Sprites

We designed these animated car sprites characters in a very unique style. We want to make your work easier so we also provide spritesheets for every car sprites ready to be used by you! We have them by category, default and with effects (nitrous/turbo) – both exported with car sprites : Engine Start, Run, Turbo Run and Turbo Start.

Character File Types and Info:

Sizes: 760×415 to 1170×497 (since we include AI file, you can resize into ANY size) Depending on car sprites character and animation, the sizes vary.

AI Vector FilesAI File Each car sprites comes in a separated vector character. You can resize your character into any size. 🙂

PNG Layer SpritesPNG Sprites – Engine Start, Run, Turbo Run and Turbo Start. We added a whooping 31 frames for each car sprites, so you can have those nice and smooth animation. Simply import only half of the frames and you will only have 15 frames which will consume less memory and performance.

PNG LayerPNG Body Parts  – 4-8 Layers Each body part of the car sprites character is PNG separated so you can actually create your own animation.

PSD Layered FilesPSD – 4-8 Layers Each car sprites body part is PSD layer separated. You can select a body part and change the colour by changing the Hue and Saturation feature in Photoshop, and BAM – you have a brand new looking character you created with very little effort!

GIF AnimationGIF – One GIF for each move for a quick overview on car sprites characters.

Spine AnimationSPINE – Each car sprites includes SPINE project file so you can make you own animation with ease. – Download SPINE software. Download SPINE software.


19 Parallax Game Backgrounds

19 game backgrounds are specially designed to fit same type of graphics as the car sprites characters included, for a endless and seamless design for your game. Perfect for your all car sprites game type you have in mind.

Backgrounds File Types and Info:

Sizes Horizontal: 1920×1080

AI Vector FilesAI File – Each background contains a AI file so you can easily customize to match your car sprites characters. You can very easily customize background items, by selecting the layer you want to change and then click “Recolor Artwork” icon in the top menu bar.

PNG LayerPNG Layers – 5-13 Layers Contains 1 separated PNG Layer for each BG. Depending on the background you choose for you car sprites game, we provide each layer as PNG so you can easily import it into your game for that awesome parallax background effect.

PSD Layered FilesPSD5 – 13 Layers Great possibilities to create your very own background version with ease! All backgrounds are delivered with maximum flexibility in mind to fit with your car sprites game.


932 GUI Assets | User Interface for games (5 colour variations)

It may seem like a lot, and it is, because we wanted your car sprites game to have it easy and fun. We included a complete gui system to have your car sprites game to be on the top! GUI for games with 5 different colour variations. This GUI includes a ready in-game interface, level finished, level select, new quest, paused, settings and Shop; all ready to be dragged and dropped into your game engine.

File Types and Info:

AI Vector FilesAI File – All GUI objects come as AI files which can be resized and changed into any color for your car sprites game.

PNG LayersPNG – All buttons, windows, menus, items are exported into separate PNG files so you can create your own car sprites game menu if you like. Of course we provide the ready menus as well.

PNG Layer SpritesPNG Sprites – The relevant buttons and menus are animated and come as animated sprites with a mouse over or clicked versions.

GIF AnimationGIF – One GIF per menu for easy overview on what our menus look like.

PSD Layered FilesPSD – Every menu comes as PSD separated layers where you can easily change colors, text and tons of effects.


56 Static Objects (objects that don’t have animated sprites, for ex. cactus, tube, box etc)

Beautifully designed vector game assets for your car sprites game – a static objects that can of course be animated from the code or a software. These colorful objects will definitely make it more fun to create and develop your car sprite game levels.

File Types and Info:

AI Vector FilesAI File – Each object comes in separated AI vector, so you can resize into any size for your car sprites game and change into any color you want.

PNG LayersPNG – Each object is delivered as a separate PNG file for fast import into your game builder or game engine.

PSD Layered FilesPSD – We have split relevant objects (not all) into different PSD layers so you can very fast, expand or stretch the middle part of some objects and easily increase or decrease their length! Just multiply the middle layer to obtain the required height.


10 Animated Sprites Objects (see product images for which ones)

Some of the game objects just had to be animated, and we had fun doing it. It will surely be awesome to be added in your car sprites game. All animated objects are delivered with ready PNG frames or sprites. We also included GIF for quick overview on the actual animations. There’s no fun without these objects to make your car sprites game.

File Types and Info:

AI Vector FilesAI File – Each object comes in separated AI vector, so you can resize and change into any color you want. Make the car sprites game more awesome!

PNG LayersPNG – Each sprite frame is exported as a PNG file.

PSD Layered FilesPSD – All parts/ limbs are separated in unique PSD Layers so you can change color the way you want it.

GIF AnimationGIF – One GIF per animated objects for easy and fast overview.

Spine AnimationSPINE – SPINE Project File included so you can make you own animation. Download SPINE software.


56 Pick Ups or Power Ups

What would a car sprites game be without some really awesome power ups or pick ups. We have created the obvious ones, such as coins, stars, treasure chest but also added a few crazy ones. You will find banana, pizza, medicine, potions, and tons more of goodies inside. No more boring car sprites game with these awesome objects!

File Types and Info:

AI Vector FilesAI File – Yes, you guessed it! Each item is delivered as vector so you can resize it easily. They are all nicely structured in groups to have your car sprites game in AAA+.

PNG LayersPNG – One PNG file per item is ready for you to import and use. Sizes vary depending on object, but if you are not happy you can always resize it.

PSD Layered FilesPSD – It is insane! Each little part of all these power ups is split into different PSD layers so you can customize it the way you want it to be! It really is incredible.


23 Projectiles ex. rocket, grenade, bomb, dagger, laser, bullets, etc.

Of course you can not have a game developer create a car sprites game without action. We have 23 different projectiles in this pack! Such as rockets, bombs, lasers and more. Plenty of game assets for your car sprites game to be on top!

File Types and Info:

AI Vector FilesAI File – All projectiles are delivered as vector AI file. Yes, you can resize into any size using this file type and also change color with ease inside Adobe Illustrator

PNG LayersPNG – One PNG file for each projectile.

PSD Layered FilesPSD – Each projectile comes in it’s own PSD file where you will find more than 30 PSD layers per object. You can easily choose from a lot of parts and effects by choosing the PSD layer you want on or off or alternate the color on. You must try it!


10 Animated Sprites VFX

Visual effects are also included so you can add that extra effect to your car sprites game. We included GIF so you can easily view the animation for each effect. We have explosion, default hit, turbo, electric, teleport and more. All our VFX’s are created in PS. Feel free to use this visual effects to level up the game experience to your car sprites game!

File Types and Info:

PNG Layer SpritesPNG Sprites – One PNG animated sprite sequence per file. Depending on VFX, it can have up to 19 sprite frames, thus it means 19 PNG files included.

PSD Layered FilesPSD – Each VFX contains one PSD file with separated PSD layers for each animation sequence or sprite. See above for more visual reference on our Product Images. Click on the images above to view a larger image.

Click on the images above to view a larger image.


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