Pixel Aliens – Pixelart Complete Game Assets Pack

/Pixel Aliens – Pixelart Complete Game Assets Pack

Pixel Aliens – Pixelart Complete Game Assets Pack

$80.00 $39.00

Complete Alien Pixel Game Asset Pack!

Every graphical assets you need to create your game!

Our new Pixel Alien theme! Embark on an extraterrestrial adventure and create the game you’ve been fantasizing about. This mega pack contains tons of alien creatures, 2 main characters with plenty of ready animated sprites, alien terrain objects, power ups, parallax pixel backgrounds and so much more! Everything in this pack is ready animated and delivered as PNG sequences. Here is a quick description of the contents. If you want to know more –scroll below to the detailed section.

526 Unique Pixel Art Assets included in this amazing pack!

20 Characters with Sprites (walk,jump,shoot,attack,die,and more..)
23 Ammo / Projectiles
5 Parallaxed Backgrounds (46 Background Layers in total)
140 GUI Assets (ready icons, menus, buttons, level select, shop, and so much more)
21 Objects (Trees, Caves, Spikes, Ceiling/Floor enemies, and more)
1 Poster (Customizable Poster)
16 Power Ups & Bonus Items
258 Unique Tiles (5 Different Tiles sets providing 258 Tiles in total)
And more… Scroll Down for Detailed Product Info

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Product Description

Complete Game Asset Pack with characters, huge GUI, Tile Set, pixel background and MUCH more… Check below for more info.

Time Lapse – How we created one of the Pixel Aliens in this pack

Time Lapse – Pixel Sprite Animation Timelapse

Detailed info
20 Pixel Characters
20 Pixel Characters with Sprites (?)
Sizes: 128×128 to  640×448 (?)
File Types:
PNG Sprites – 4-20  Frames (?)
PSD – 4-30 Layers (?)
GIF – Yes (?)

5 Flexible Backgrounds
5 Parallax & Stackable Backgrounds (?)
Sizes: 1920×1080 and 2048×1536 (?)
File Types:
PNG Layers – Yes (?)
PSD – Yes  (?)
JPG – Yes  (?)

Tile Set (258 Tiles!)
258 Tiles – A Total of 5 Unique Tile Sets
5 Unique Tile Sets (?)
Sizes: 128×128 PNG (?)
File Types:
PNG – Yes (?)
PSD – Yes  (?)

Other Awesome Objects
21 Animated Objects (?)
File Types:
PNG Sprites – 4-11 layers (?)
PSD – Yes 8-13 layers (?)

GUI (140 Assets)
140 Animated GUI Assets – Game Menu and Buttons Powerful GUI Kit (?)
File Types:
PNG – Yes (?)
PSD – Yes (?)

Projectiles and VFX’s
21 Animated Projectiles & Explosions (?)
File Types:
PNG – 3-7 Frames (?)
GIF – Yes (?)
PSD – Yes (?)



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