Isometric Tower Defense ULTRA Pack!

265 Isometric game sprite assets, characters, animated towers and more...!

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3rd UPDATE - Now includes 30 and 45 degrees Tile Angles - March 2016 2nd Update - Improved Tower animations and New Backgrounds!  February  - 2016 We updated this theme by improving the cannon tower animations and added 3 NEW Backgrounds! This Isometric Tower Defense game assets will certainly put your game on the map! Build and develop your own Tower Defense game with these ready character game sprites, animated nature props, tile sets, projectiles, animated towers firing and much more. Why not add our Isometric World Theme  for even more Isometric Buildings and Assets! Quick info 265 Isometric Game Assets in Total! 27 Isometric Characters with Ready Game Sprites And Spine Files (Animated all isometric directions) 36 Isometric Buildings - 11x3 lvlsTowers and 1x3 lvls Castle 9 Backgrounds - Stackable Horizontally & Vertically 48 Tiles 31 Animated Nature Props (Trees, Bushes, flowers, etc) 15 GUI Assets 18 Animated Projectiles (Bullets) Included File Types: PNG, PSD, GIF, Spine* and 3D Studio Max** *Spine is an animation software, used to animate game assets. ** .MAX File types for Projectiles - See 3D Studio Max Page here